Home Prices in Peoria, AZ for August 2013

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Home Prices in Peoria, AZ for August 2013


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For the month of August 2013, we saw a dramatic increase in listing prices in Peoria. From July to August, the average listing soared significantly with an increase of 15.8%. While not as dramatic, we saw an increase in the median listing price of almost 11% as well. A contributing factor to these large increases is the listing of several million dollar properties in the Peoria area during the month of August.

Homes Prices in Peoria

While we saw a dramatic increase in the average list price in homes in August, the average sales price during the month of August only crept up a little. Overall, the average sales price for a home in Peoria in August 2013 was up 1.7% from the month of July while the median sales price saw a dip of 2.3% from July.

Sales Market Report for Peoria in June



With the overall average listing price shooting up in August, the average listing price per square foot went right along with it showing an increase of $4.05 from the month of July. There were 359 single family homes listed for sale in Peoria during the month of August, which was pretty similar to previous months. During the same time period, there were only 268 single family homes that sold. We are starting to see a little more inventory on the market as less homes are sold. The average price per square foot home sold in August was up $3.19 from the month of July. For single family homes in Peoria, the average selling price was 97.4% of the original list price, so most homes are not accepting low-ball offers. Here are some important statistics when looking at the Peoria real estate market for the month of August:


New Listing Data

  • Average Listing Price - $299,835
  • Median Listing Price - $255,000
  • Average Listing Price Per Square Foot - $122.86


Monthly Sales Data

  • Average Sale Price - $240,112
  • Median Sale Price - $210,000
  • Average Selling Price Per Square Foot - $112.25
  • Average Days on Market - 46


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