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Buying a Home in Missouri? 100% financing sound good?

The USDA Home Loan program is an amazing choice for your Odessa Missouri home buying needs.
The benefits of the Odessa Missouri USDA Loan program are:

  • Zero down payment
  • 100% financing is available.The loan can even be structured so that you have no out of pocket expense,
  • no closing costs due at closing!
  • Interest rates are still low compared to other loan programs
  • Odessa Missouri USDA Rate Quote Low monthly mortgage insurance, just .4% of the loan amount per year as of July 2013.

USDA Home Loans in Odessa Missouri
So how do you qualify for a USDA home loan?  Here are a few points to consider which will help you to determine your Odessa MO USDA Loan Eligibility:

  • credit score must be above the minimum score
  • Must live in the home as your primary residence.
  • Check to see if the property is in an eligible area. You can check if your area is eligible by visiting the USDA eligibility website. 
  • If you are in an eligible area, the home qualifies to use a USDA loan to purchase your new home! Income limits apply.
  • A series of credits can be used for child care and dependents under 18 years old, when calculating the family qualifying income.

Call us at 816-268-4025 and we can help determine if you fall under the limits.

One thing you may not have thought of in searching out a lender is that it is very important to find a lender who can do all your USDA Home program work “in-house.”  USDA mortgages can be complex and difficult to work through, so in-house underwriting and funding are critical so we can get you to closing on time. Leader One is an in-house USDA lender.

For more information on getting USDA Home Loans in Odessa Missouri, please contact Darren Copeland, at 816-268-4025, KC Loan tips Website, or

 *** note that USDA Home Loans in Odessa Missouri are not designed for agricultural purposes. Owner-occupied rural housing only.

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