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The Real Scoop on the Cambridge Condos in Salt Lake City

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Don’t go and buy a unit at the Cambridge Condos before reading what I have to say about it. Seriously. Once you have read this, considered it, meditated about it several times, then you may be ready to think about buying a Cambridge Condo in the SLC Avenues.

Cambridge Condos in SLC


The Cambridge Condos are some of the most affordable condos in the Avenues in Salt Lake City. They are located at 31 North M Street, just north of South Temple. This puts you within walking distance of City Creek, Temple Square, and all of the other downtown SLC attractions and a quick scooter ride from the Gateway Mall. There is a lot of public transport nearby and there are several grocery stores in the vicinity of the Cambridge Condos.


Here is a list of every unit that is currently for sale at the Cambridge Condos in SLC


Breakdown of the Cambridge Condos in Salt Lake City:

Price:$120,000 to $170,000

HOA Fee: $165/month for the 1 bedroom units and $221/month for the 2 bedroom units

HOA Covers: Basic cable, water/sewer/garbage, insurance of structure, maintenance of exterior and common areas.

Size: 650 sq ft up to almost 1000 sq ft

Year Built: 1977

Do they hate animals? They hate dogs and won’t let you have any of them. They do, however, love cats and allow you to keep them in your unit

Parking: Parking garage for the 2 bedroom units and a carport for the 1 bedroom units

FHA Approved: No

Number of Units:

Laundry: Bathtub and stick...just kidding, they do have hookups in the units

Cambridge Condos Salt Lake City

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There are some things that I think you’ll really like about the Cambridge Condos in the SLC Avenues, but there are also some things that I think will really bug you and I honestly feel that you deserve to know the truth. In fact, go right now to your mirror, look  yourself in the eyes, and say, “I deserve to know the truth about the Cambridge Condos”. Then come back.


What I love:

I really love the location of these condos. You are very close to South Temple and so getting around the city is a breeze. It’s also nice not being too far up the hill in the Avenues. If you don’t have a 4-wheel drive car (and I’m guessing that you don’t. Odds are, I’m right too. You see only about 18% of Utahns drive 4-wheel drive vehicles so odds are heavily on in my favor. Plus, if you are looking in the Avenues,  you are 4000% more likely to drive a scooter instead of a car. If you do have a 4-wheel drive car, it is probably a Subaru and it probably has a Coexist sticker on it. I actually love those stickers so I’m not saying that there is anything wrong with that, just saying) then you will have a tough time getting up the hill in the winter time. I live part way up the hill and I've had more than once when I had to park at the bottom and walk up the hill to my house.

What I hate:

The Cambridge Condos are very light on amenities. In fact, they don’t really have any of them at all. The only amenity that they have listed is “Cable TV wired”. I think that was a little more novel back in 1977 when these were built. I feel like the HOA fee is a little high for not really providing many amenities.

Cambridge Condos SLC Avenues

If you are looking for a conveniently located condo that gives you easy access to the city at an affordable price, then the Cambride Condos may be for you and you should pick up your iPhone and call me immediately. If you are looking for a complex with more amenities, you should look at some of the other communities that I have reviewed below.

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Also, I have to pay double the price for Comcast internet at this location. The reason is that I am exempt from promotional rates due to the "free cable TV". Also, the HOA rep lacks customer service skills. I regret my choice to live here but I'm stuck now.

Aug 09, 2014 05:16 AM