Law of Attraction Meetup Group in Burlington NC.

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We started a group here 4 months ago. We have 17 members, 6 very commited. It is all about networking, give back to the community what we have learned. Here our 12 steps on "Living by Design"


1. Our dominant thoughts bring about actions, events and circumstances.
2. We must control our thoughts and drive them to where we want to go.
3. We must choose joyful thoughts: thankful for the things we have and for the good things that are coming.
4. We need to believe that we will receive the things we ask for."
5. We need to allow time between the thought and the outcome."
6. Visualization, the things that you see are what you get.
7. Our Inner Being is immanent good.
8. We are here because our way of thinking in the past brought us to the present, by the same token, we will be in the future by the way we think in the present.
9. There is enough for everyone;
10. We are born to enjoy life. To live abundantly.
11. Allow people be what they want to be.
12. Segment intending. Declarations for each part of the day.
Plus 2 classes, a healthy life
2 classes, fixing finances.
Be a graduate in LOA, it is all free
First and third Mondays from 6:30 to 8:00 PM
509 N. Church St. Burlington
see: "the secret" on dvd.

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