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Andrew Seymour, one of Mario Carey Realty’s part time agents, received his first commission check from MCR on August 27th.  According to Mario Carey, Andrew is a young enthusiastic professional who has always been dedicated and committed to pursuing his goals. He spent his early college life honing his culinary skills at the hotel and tourism training center at the College of the Bahamas. There, he learned the creative, inventive skills that serve him well in the real estate industry. Presently, Andrew is studying for his bachelors in Accounting. Having a background in the hotel industry, he demonstrates a wonderful aptitude for working with people from different cultures and with diverse personalities. He is not just hard working, but giving; Andrew recently started volunteering for The Cancer Society of the Bahamas. Andrew always had an interest in real estate, and with the acquisition and marketing of such. Mario Carey loves the fact that Andrew is constantly interested in new ideas and very passionate about his work. Mr. Carey knows these qualities will enhance Andrew’s professional life and career.

Andrew’s received his first commission check from a rental in the new East Street Plaza—Independence Drive Business Park. The client is renting a space in the plaza in order to start a fitness studio called Macfit 360. The plaza’s spacious area and close proximity to an organic food store attracted the client immediately.

Mario Carey Realty is one of the few Real Estate Companies that offers part time positions to agents. The Bahamas Real Estate Association (BREA) recently started offering the real estate license to part time agents in 2012. For 50 years BREA only offered the real estate license to full time agents. With The Bahamas Supreme Court’s ruling for part time agents, real estate companies can now benefit from those part time agents that are in contact with a variety of people. Mario Carey, broker of Mario Carey Realty (MCR), sure does use the ruling to his advantage. With five part time agents in the company, MCR uses the agents other professions to reach out to different sectors of people throughout The Bahamas.

MCR congratulates you Andrew Seymour; keep up the fantastic work. For more information, please contact Mario Carey Realty at 242-677-8255 or

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