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So you're moving....again. Here's a great Checklist for Moving to Orlando to ensure you a smooth move - the smarter, cheaper way! 

Start Early - No matter how good you are at packing, it will always take longer than you think. Start two or even three weeks earlier than you originally planned. Start with the things you use the least - Grandma's China, those books you've been meaning to read.

Pack Strategically - Have your move planned out, make a box with things you'll want when you immediately move in - sheets, toiletries, towels, change of clothes... pretty much your necessities. Make this box special by marking it with a big star. 

Have a Packing Room - don't clutter your whole house while you're packing! Choose a room that isn't used very often, this is where you can build those boxes so they're ready to grab. Always keep a stash of permanent markers, tape, bubble wrap or newspaper.

Save Money on Boxes - Don't buy them. Period! U-Haul has started a "Take a box Leave a Box" program, after a move people drop their boxes off at U-Haul, so others can pick them up to re-use for free! 

Trash Bags > Boxes - Don't get us wrong, boxes are great. But so are sturdy trash bags because they can squish, and are perfect for the non-breakables! 

Don't pack Hanging Clothes - The best technique here is to simply lay them down in the back seat of your car. Time is money - so don't waste it by re-hanging all of those clothes again! 

Don't pack blankets or towels - These are perfect for using as pads for your fragile artwork and lamps! 

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What are YOUR best tips & tricks that we could add to our

Checklist for Moving to Orlando? 


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