Progress...Finally...on FM 407 in Highland Village

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Progress...Finally...on FM 407 in Highland Village!

If you're a resident of Highland Village, you've become accustomed to endless traffic, orange cones and one lane going east or west.  The frustrating "Right Turn Only" lane at Briarhill and 407 with pushy motorists squeezing their way into the left lane was exhausting.  So the other day while I was sitting in the left lane and saw a car next to me, I was ready for someone to illegially speed through the intersection and cut me off.  BUT WAIT!  What just happened?!  Can it be true?!  

Here I am parked in the right lane on FM 407 heading west and not only are these two lanes open, but so are the two lanes going east.  Woo hoo!

FM 407 Highland Village

It's a beautiful thing!

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