The Fed Steps in and the Market Goes Crazy

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If there are no lenders out there lending on mortgages how are borrowers going to get loans? It doesn't matter if you qualify for poor credit home loans or A-paper home loans, if there is no money out there to lend then interest rates will remain high.

That must have been the thought behind the Fed pouring another 200 billion dollars into the lending marketplace. Anyways is 200 billion a lot of money when it comes to mortgages? Does anyone know?

What are your thoughts about the Fed's latest move?

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Gary Bolen
McCall Realty - South Lake Tahoe, CA
CRS - Lake Tahoe Real Estate Information

So is this going to help, or hurt inflation? Was interesting watching it happen today, and the comments around the office were across the board.


Mar 11, 2008 04:48 PM
Sarah Eubanks
Hill Valley Financial Services - Oregon City, OR
Preferred Oregon Loan Consultant & Notary Public
Allen ~  Welcome to AR!  To answer your question...only time will tell.  I am not sure what to expect.  To me, everything they have done seems to be a step or two, or three behind.  This move seemed to be a bit more proactive.  Let's hope it helps!  :)
Mar 12, 2008 01:57 AM