Please help save Andrea Sloan's Life from Cancer!

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KXAN - Lawmaker joins 'Andi's Army' in battle with drugmaker |

The above video is from KXAN in Austin, TX and give you information on Andrea Sloan and her fight to live.  She is an Attorney in Austin, TX and needs a drug that Biomarin has in clinical trial.  Her Doctor said this is her last chance.  The FDA has approved Andrea to take the drug if Biomarin will give it to her.  The won't!  The said they include her in the next trial but she doesn't have the time to wait.

Please if you are in California please contact whomever you can and get their support for Andrea.  You can also go to Andi's Army on Facebook and read more.  We do have some Congressman that are trying to get Biomarin to give her the drug.  She needs it now!

Andrea is fighting for the abused as an Attorney and we need her good work to continue.  We need to fight for her!

Please where ever you are located, sign the petition to have  Biomarin give her the drug!  Also go to Biomarin FaceBook page and comment or like the comments already posted regarding Andrea Sloan.

I know this is a Real Estate Site and Im a Broker, but at times (and I feel this is one of them) we need to reach out and help someone.

Thank you!

Sharon Yeary

Sharcom Realty


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