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Real Estate Broker/Owner with Mario Carey Realty


As we all know, Mario Carey Realty (MCR) is a company that gives back to its community. We are always thinking of creative ways to raise money within and outside of the business. When MCR received the exclusive on numerous vacant lots in Love Estates, our minds started ticking. Love Estates is a beautiful, safe, family oriented area that is suitable for housing, a school, a church, farming, or horse stables. We knew the lots would sell, and decided to form a deal with the seller that would benefit REACH (Resources & Education for Autism and Related Challenges), the Non-Government Organization of which Mario Carey is the President.


The owner of Love Estates agreed that from each property sold, REACH would receive $500. REACH has accumulated $3,500 from the deal. There are many more lots available, and the investment is for a good cause. See a couple of the properties below for more information.

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