VA Loans in Orem Utah

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VA Loans in Orem Utah

Orem, Utah VA Loans Veterans Affairs Loans are an excellent way to finance your home in Orem, Utah; provided that you are a service member, a surviving husband/wife, or a veteran.

If you qualify for a 100% VA Loan in Orem, Utah, you can enjoy many of these benefits:

- No Down Payment!

- Other loans have strict credit standards, but VA Loans are much more laid back.

- Because of competition, interest rates may be low.

All of these benefits are great, but you need to qualify for them!

Here are the qualifications for a VA Loan in Orem, Utah:

- A decent credit score.

- Certain service requirements must be met. For example, you must have a certain length of service.

- Income that meets VA standards.

- A Certificate of Eligibility or COE must be filled out and approved.

A Credit of Eligibility or COE is a form that tells your lender that you've been backed for a VA Loan. We can help you obtain a copy of the COE form or you can get one through the VA. Do you want to know more about COEs or any aspect of VA Loans? Go to The US Department of Veteran Affairs.

As always, we have a free online application to help you begin this process. But, I suggest you contact your local lender. They understand all the details and unique pieces that go into VA Loans and they can help you understand them.

Who's your local lender? Spencer Stott and his team are Orem, Utah's guide to financing your home. They know their stuff and are more than happy to help you finance your home. Call us for a free consultation at: 801-960-2111.

Or you can go to We are here to help you get on your way to financing your dream home with Orem, Utah VA Loans.

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