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Are you moving to Bethesda?

Bethesda is a great place to live and work.   

When my family moved here from Colorado many years ago, my mother insisted that we settle in Bethesda. She was a proud Montgomery County school teacher specializing in reading for many years.  My father worked for many years as an ecologist with the Department of Energy. He ran many races with the local Road Runners Club of Montgomery County and won many awards showing minature roses at local rose shows. My brother and I graduated from Walter Johnson High School and my sister from Woodward High School when the school lines changed. Over 60,000 people call Bethesda their home. 

Why do people move here?  I can think of ten reasons off the top of my head

Reason 1: Great Homes - in the $700,000 to $1,000,000 price range

Depending upon where you are coming from, one of the first things you may experience is sticker shock. The median price of a home in 2011 was over $750,000. I had a woman who was about to accept employment in the area when she checking out the prices of the homes in the area that housing was twice as much as where she was relocating from. She decided not to relocate. But every year many peole do move here and find that great value comes with those prices.  

Being a Accredited Buyers Representative (ABR)  I have educated myself to guide homeowners to purchase in Bethesda and in the Maryland Suburbs of Washington, DC. I have affiliated with the largest independent real estate organization in the United States: Long and Foster.  As an experienced mediator, I have strong negotiating skills in assisting you in getting the best value for your dollar. I invite you toSearching for homes in the $700,000 to $1,000,000,000 price range in Bethesda, Maryland.

Reason 2: Great Homes in the $1,000,000 + price range

Bethesda also has great properties over a million dollars that revel similar properties anywhere in the world.  Click here if you would like quick and free access to properties over $1,000,000.

Reason 3: Great Schools 

This is one of the biggest reason that people want to move to Bethesda.  Whether it is a private or public you have lots of options.  One of the things that people like to do before they get here is check out the schools.  I have a great tool that will allow you to get acquainted with the local schools.  Learn more about the great schools in Bethesda and Montgomery County. 

Reason 4: Great places to work in the public and private sectors

Employment is one of the great things about living in Bethesda and in the areas close by.  The median household income is over $132,000 (2011),  There are great employment opportunities in both the private and the public sector.  Many members of the federal government make their homes here and it contributes the the economic stability of the area. There are also many great jobs in the private sector and many corporations and associations make their home a Bethesda home.

Reason 5: Great Things to do

You can take walks or ride bikes.  Many of the roads have bike lanes.  You can visit nature trials or drive your car through Rock Creek Park - you will feel like it is the country, but you are driving through the middle of DC!  You can boat on the Potomac.  You can go to great concerts and see great plays in the local theaters.  You are a less than ten miles from the great monuments of Washington, DC - Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, the Capital Building, the White House, the Smithsonian. You see the fireworks on the Mall on the 4th of July or the national Christmas Tree in December. There is so much to do in Washington that it almost defies the imagination.  If you hire me to help you purchase a new home, I will do my best to give you the benefit of my experience.


Reason 6: Great Places to go within 60 miles

I could talk a long time about all the things that you can do within a 60 to 100 radius of Bethesda.  You can get to the Appalachian Mountains including the Appalachian Trial and Harper's Ferry. You can visit Annapolis and the Naval Academy. You can visit the Inner Harbor in Baltimore.  You can visit Fort McHenry where the Star Spangled Banner was composed. Here is a website where people have shared some of the things that they have done within 60 miles (or so) of Bethesda: Great things to go within 60 miles of Bethesda.

Reason 7: Great Day Trips

If you are new to the East Coast, or even if you know it well - there are lots of fun things to do that only take a day.  You can great to the Atlantic Ocean.  You can take a day trip to Philadelphia or even New York City.  You can go to Colonial Williamsburg. You can hike or bike on hundreds of trials. 


Reason 8: Great Places to Dine

Do you like to eat?  Who doesn't.  Bethesda has some of the best dining in the region.  There are so many restaurants that you would be hard pressed to visit them all.  Take a look at the Best Restaurants in Bethesda.


Reason 9: Great Sports Teams

There are many great sports teams in the area.  There is a tremendous variety - football, basement, soccer, hockey just to name a few.  There are great professional sports teams as well as great local college teams as well as great high school teams.  Bethesda is especially known for being the home of the great Walter Johnson, who was probably the best right handed pitcher in basement.  He lived in Bethesda and was bured in Rockville.  Click here to learn more about the great Walter Johnson.

Reason 10: Great Place to Make Great Memories

The last reason off the top of my head may be the best reason.  Moving to Bethesda or the local area will allow you to create you own great memories.  It could be educating your children in great schools.  It could be cheering on the local sports teams.  It might be hiking the Appalachain Trial, biking the C&P Canal or walking the Crestent Trial...your limitations to make great memories is only taking advantage of all there is to do here.

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