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New First Time Home Buyer in North Collins

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Congratulations to first time home buyers Brian and Melanie on the purchase of their North Collins home!
First Time Home Buyers in North Collins
Melanie signed up for an account on my home search website in June 2013.  We chatted and I found out that she and her husband Brian had been actively looking for a home for 2 years already!  They had put in a couple offers but poor inspection results made them walk.  I believe they had an offer in on a short sale at one point too but the wait got to them and canceled the contract.  To top it off, they were not happy with their Realtor.  Lack of communication and didn't seem willing to step on toes to get answers when the buyers needed them.
Brian & Melanie had a specific home in mind that they had already viewed at an open house; a 4 bedroom colonial on a quiet street in North Collins. We re-toured the home and they were pretty giddy about it.  We had found The One.  The husband insisted on starting the bidding low and we didn't make too many friends on the listing side.  After about a week, both buyer and seller came together on a price.

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This was my first experience with a USDA loan and a very good one at that. I love having new options/products to offer my clients.  Applicants that qualify can obtain a loan for ZERO percent down!  Find out more information on USDA loans, their requirements and location availability here: USDA Loans
We closed in just over 60 days and became the end transaction in a series of loan rate lock issues due to not being able to close by the end of August... Long story short, we all enjoyed a quiet Labor Day weekend, some deep breaths and got it all wrapped up last week.  Brian & Melanie are now in their new home and settling in.
Congrats again on the new North Collins home and I look forward to dinner at their next week!