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Fall Home Checklist

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Fall Home ChecklistSummer is winding down and cooler temperatures have begun to surface. Right now, the cool weather may just be mid sixties, but soon enough the lows will begin to average around the forties.

Now that the season is changing, there are plenty of tasks necessary to get your home ready for fall and looming snowy months. 
Here is a checklist of a few things you might want to take care both inside and outside of your home before the weather drops any more: 



  • Clean the gutters, downspouts and other water collecting exterior home features
  • Ensure downspouts empty at least 36 inches away from home
  • Inspect your roof for any potential leaks or damaged shingles
  • Drain/winterize outdoor hoses, faucets and sprinklers
  • Repair cracks in driveways and sidewalks and then reseal over
  • Store summer tools, equipment, furniture and grills 
  • When mowing, use grass as mulch instead of collecting it


  • Seal up and insulate open cracks with caulk around windows and doors
  • Have your chimney, gas heater and/or furnace inspected
  • Keep a humidifier running to wick away extra moisture
  • Change ceiling fan rotation for warm air

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