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3 Reasons You Should Hire an Agent when Buying a Home

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Here are a few good reasons for getting your OWN agent when buying a home:

1. You become a client, not a customer

Without an agent on your side you are just a customer to the seller and their agent. According to the National Association of Realtors, "As a customer, a buyer is not represented by an agent... the agent cannot negotiate on the buyer's behalf nor reveal to the buyer any confidences of the client, the client is the seller." Want someone looking out for you? Don't use the seller's agent! Become a CLIENT of an agent who will represent YOU by getting your own agent!

2. You can insure that you and only you are being represented

By signing an exclusive buyer agency agreement with a brokerage that commits to represent you and only you, you establish a contractual relationship making that brokerage legally obligated to represent YOUR best interests, not any seller's. Most sellers have professional agents representing them and looking out for their interests. We will look out for yours. A true exclusive buyer's agent will never practice dual-agency and will NOT ask you to allow them to also represent a seller in your transaction.

3. The seller's agent is legally obligated to get the most money for the seller

A seller's agent, by law, must work in the best interest of their client. Their client is the seller. The agent cannot negotiate on a buyer's behalf. As Exclusive Buyers Agents, we are not legally obligated to get the most money for the seller. If you hire us, we are obligated to work towards getting YOU the best price and terms.

Exclusive Buyer's Agents do not list homes and won't "switch teams" on you mid-transaction. We will be 100% on your side throughout your transaction, representing YOU, negotiating for YOU and protecting YOUR interests.

Thinking about buying a home? Get your own agent!

  • Do you have excellent credit?
  • Do you plan to purchase a $300,000-$800,000 home within 60 days?
  • Do you have a good down payment, or are you paying cash for your next home?
  • Do you want an agent on YOUR side throughout your transaction?
  • Do you simply have questions about how things work?

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