What do Football & Real Estate Have In Common?

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                       What do Football & Real Estate Have In Common?


As I watched the opening week games, I ponder this question.

Both require dedication, hard work and perseverance.  Professional Real Estate, like Professional Football, is not a part-time job or a hobby.  It is a career.  Both require study and a willingness to learn more than is required.  Football players watch tapes, listen to experts and drill.  The best study & practice a ridiculous amount of time.  We have a heard about the athletes that show up two hours before the rest of the team and watch tapes or study play books on their “off” days.  Successful REALTORS® take classes, listen to experts and follow through with every client, regardless to the size of the transaction.  The best study & network a ridiculous amount of time.  Many know that the state required clock hours are only a place to begin, not the goal. 

Both professions require individual effort, a strong team, and a good coaching staff.  In Real Estate, as independent contractors, we are familiar with individual effort.  We know that hard work is rewarded. What is frequently overlooked are the team and coaches.

REALTORS® have a more difficult time understanding what successful professional athletes understand.  The team behind us is essential.  No one can do everything alone.  We need inspectors, closers, lenders, assistants, stagers, contractors, agents with different specialties or in other locations, and title companies.  We need a local agent willing to step in when we are on the sidelines.  This may be due to sickness, family situations, vacations or unexpected emergencies.  Any weak link in our chain/team and we fail. 

Many REALTORS® will laugh at the thought of having a coach.  I am disciplined; I work hard; I am self-employed because I want to be my own boss. If you are confusing a coach with a boss, you either have a misconception or the wrong coach.  A boss needs you to work hard so that they look good.  A good coach needs you to be successful so that it looks as if they are not needed.

As long as you and your coach know that you need each other, a good coach does not need to look like the star.  If there is room for improvement, look at your team, your coaches/mentors and yourself.  What comes next?

Both football players and REALTORS® need a game plan.  You may need to wing it on occasion, but we need a plan, a vision, a roadmap.  We must know where we want to go AND how we will get there.

We call professional football a game and the contestants are referred to as players; yet many Real Estate Professionals cannot fathom the amount of work that those players consider basic.  Is it time to take your game to the next level?  Those analogies are over-used for a reason.  

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Adrian Willanger
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Profit from my two decades of experience

Indeed, you have to be very desciplined, motivated and hard working to be successful in real estate. 

Oct 10, 2013 07:28 AM
Reb Linn

The connection between real estate and sports is very simple. There are families who want their sons to take full advantage of the athletic scholarship when they enter. It is important here that the high school has its own football club. I have read a lot of news about the early career of players on 1xbet.com.zm Having a good school and a football field nearby can make a huge difference, and this also raises the price of vacant properties nearby)

May 21, 2021 05:17 AM