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How Much Time is Required to Complete a Tenant Screening Report

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A lot of time is required to produce a tenant screening report. It could take anything from a few seconds to a whole day, though this depends mainly on the amount of information requested from the tenant, as well as the choice of tenant screening company chosen and hired for this task. 

You Cannot Produce the Best Reports Instantly

Our company has its own policies and for the most part, it would take an hour or less to complete this process, if a client asks for the Basic and Pro reports. This would be considered incomplete without the intervention of an FCRA Certified Screener who is tasked with the job of reviewing all the information provided through this report. The screener is also required to make sure that everything within the report is considered to be reportable based on the FCRA. 

More Specifically..

We also have some Platinum Tenant Screening Reports which take up to 24 hours to produce. The reason why this might take much longer is because of the inclusion of the Character Report. This is a report where screeners make calls to the current and previous landlords of the tenant in question, without omitting the input of the current employer. If everyone whose input is required can be accessed at the first attempt, the report would be availed within an hour. This kind of luck is not very common hence the fact that the company has deemed it necessary and wise to set aside 24 hours. This report is loved by landlords since it helps them to avoid making the calls as they assign this task to our company. 

There are times when an instant Tenant Screening Report is needed, and this is where our Express Package comes in. It is interesting to note that most landlords believe that this is actually the kind of report which they need, forgetting that that they need to be very cautious with the quality of information they obtain. The input of an FCRA Certified Screener is very important and must be sought at all times lest you end up with information which hasn’t been reviewed properly especially with regard to the criminal and eviction reports. Remember that the report has to be compliant with the requirements of FCRA, and must not be those which can be held against the applicant. 

The choice of packages to use for the purpose of Tenant Screening Reports is entirely yours to make, though it could be good if you obtain the help and assistance as well as expertise of a specialized firm. The key is to ensure that you never fail to carry out tenant screening for each of your applicants. As long as you are screening all the applicants, you are doing a right thing. What you need to ensure is that the quality of information on the report is something which you are very happy with, along with being able to understand the information you read.

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