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Do you think home warranties are a must have for everyone buying a resale? Or would that money be better spent somewhere else? Which companies have you used for home warranties? We'd love to hear about your experience with them!

Seems to be a toss up for 'Rainers using Old Republic Home Protection. According to Ellie McIntire, "Old Republic is always my warranty of choice." While Kathleen Daniels' "clients had issues when they filed a claim." What has been your experience with this company?
First American Title Insurance "has a great mobile application" that Caroline Gerardo recommends. And Sharon Parisi thinks, "First American Rocks." What about you?  

When Lenn Harley reviewed HMS Home Warranty she said, "If the seller will pay for it fine. If not I PAY FOR IT. For me, this is good public relations AND good risk reduction." Do you use this company?
In two weeks we will share your reviews for Real Estate Coaches. Get your name in lights by reviewing your best or worst of them!  
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There are reviews across the board for! From Elizabeth Straessle's "I use Them for the Homes I Own so of course I recommend them!" to Debbie Reynolds'  "Not My First Choice." Share what you think about this company.
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