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Why Realtors Should Cater to Gen X and Y

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Did you know that Generation X and Y will acoount for nearly 60% of home buyers in 2013? According to the NAR ( National Association of Realtors) Generation X accounted for 31% of home buyers while Generation Y accounted for 28%.  Together, these two groups currently account for the largest percentage of home buyers in America, nearly double the amount of baby boomers (32%). The majority of these buyers are between the ages of 28-39, which means that they are tech savvy and chances are they own a smart phone. According to report conducted by emarketer, 72% of Gen Y and 61% of Gen X, owns a smartphone.

So why is this relevant to you as a real estate professional in 2013? If you want to position your business for future growth, your marketing efforts need to be based on understanding where you will get the highest return on investment. If 60% of buyers are tech savvy and the majority of them own smartphones, it is essential that you focus your marketing efforts on attracting these buyers and sellers. My partner and I have recently developed an SMS lead capture system leverages the power of QR codes to enable you to instantly connect and engage with new clients.

Our QR codes, when scanned by a smart phone, immediately send you a text message with the clients information, while simultaneously sending the client to your website, listings, video tours, or whatever information you would like to share with them. This enables you to instantly engage with a client using text messaging. QR codes are a great addition to your signage, flyers, business cards, window display and any other marketing materials you use. Regardless of how you decide to market your services and listings, make sure you are focused on the largest growing demographic of home buyers, Gen X and Gen Y. To learn more visit QRReal.com

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About the author: The above Real Estate information was provided by Robert L Nichols Jr. Robert is a is real estate consultant and Entrepreneur. His services encompass real estate brokering, development, short sales, and innovative listing services.

Robert Has founded several real estate stratups and is the Founder of Boston Trust Realty Group, a Boston based brokerage firm. Robert's companies also include MungoList.com and Rigid Capital Investors, LLC.

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Rich Gaasenbeek
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Great points, Robert!

Sep 19, 2013 01:12 AM
Robert Nichols
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Thanks Rich.

Sep 19, 2013 01:50 AM