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As an owner of two cars that are paid off I rely on Bockman's auto repair in Sycamore IL. When I first moved to the Sycamore area I would always take my care to the local Toyota dealer thinking they knew what was best for my car. One visit to the dealership resulted in an estimate of $1500 worth of work that was needed on my car. Now I am okay paying for repairs or maintenance that is need to keep my car on the road. Let's face it these days $1500 is about three months worth of car payments. The local dealership had recently changed hands and my last visit had been less than pleasant. So being the skeptic that I am I took my car to Bockman's auto repair in Sycamore IL to get a second opinion. Lo and behold the service manager at Bockman's was the former service manager who did a great job at our local Toyota dealership. After reviewing the list of items the Toyota dealeship wanted to fix Sam eliminated a couple items and then cut the dealerships price on the remaining item by quite a bit. Five years later I am still take both of my cars to Bockman's auto repair in Sycamore IL for everything from oli changes, brakes or even those annoying little noises that arise in used cars.

So I just wanted to say thanks to Jon and Sam at Bockman's auto repair in Sycamore IL for taking care of my cars and helping me avoid a new car payment.


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Karen Gillian

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