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Most of the time we are able to resolve our own conflicts.  But sometimes we cannot.  Whether it is at home, at work, or with a neighbor free and qualified help is just a call away. Just call the Conflict Resolution Center of Montgomery County.

Introducing the Conflict Resolution Center of Montomery County (CRCMC)

The Conflict Resolution Center of Montgomery County is part of Community Mediation Maryland(CMM).   The mission of CMM is to promote and provide collaborative problem solving processes throughout the state of Maryland.  The mission of CMM is the same, but focused on the county of Montgomery Count.  Their vision is to "foster peace by enabling people to experience conflict as an opportunity to learn and grow, and by empowering them to effectively manage their own conflicts.

I was trained by CMM to do medications in 2008 and now have over five years of experience in Montgomery County and with the Anne Arundel Conflict Resolution Center (also with CMM).  I have seen first hand the successful resolution of dozens and dozens of situations of conflict.  I have also seen that many of these people have appropriated the conflict resoultion skills that are modeled by the co-mediators in resolving their own conflicts in the future.

If you want more information or if you need immedate help, I invite you to contact the intake department by clicking here:

Contact the Conflict Resolution Center of Montgomery County (CRCMC).


What is Mediation?

CMM describes mediation in this manner:  "Mediation helps people reach agreements, rebuild relationships, and find permanent solutions to their disputes. Mediation is a process that lets people speak for themselves and make their own decisions. Community mediation provides a non-profit framework for assuring access to mediation services at the community level with control and responsibility for dispute resolution maintained in the community. "

What types of Mediation does CRCMC offer?

There are are at least 5 basic mediation services that CRCMC offers:

  • Basic Mediation Training
  • Parenting Plan Mediation Training
  • Parent-Teen Mediation Training
  • Large Group Facilitation
  • Specialized and Advanced Mediation Skills


An Interview with Carolyn Stilwell - Executive Director of CRCMC

I had the great opportunity to interview Carolyn Stilwell on September 9th.  I have known Carolyn several years now. We first met in a co-mediation situation and then we did several co-mediations with CRCMC together.  I believe that our styles are complimentary and all of of co-mediations had good results.  Time has passed and now CRCMC is blessed to have her as their Executive Director.  I will be sharing more from that interview in later posts. This post is just an introduction. Here is how to get in touch with herl: Carolyn@crcmc. org. 


Carolyn Stilwell's Hired Me - Bill Osburn - as a Buyer's Agent

 Recently Carolyn Stilwell and her husband hired me as hir buyer's agent to help them find a detached home in Montgomery County for their growing family. 


How to hire Bill Osburn as your Mongtomery County, MD Buyer's Agent 

I regard my mediation knowledge and skills as an extention to my knowledge and skill's as a residental real estate.

 If you would like to hire me as your buyer's agent, click on the following: hire Bill Osburn as your Mongtomery County, MD Buyer's Agent. Scroll down to See More Listing and enter you name and email address - that will start the process.





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