Verizon made me unhappy today!

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I don't usually post negatively, but I really would like your input on this...

Just went to the Verizon store in Port Chester.  :(

I have had Verizon service for years, was never so disappointed in them.
Customer service used to be important, apparently today at Verizon it isn't.
They gave me a number to call, pointed me to a phone and when I spoke to the person they said it was up to the store whether or not they would replace the phone right then and there.  Then trying to get someone's attention the person behind the counter barely looked up and said he didn't have my model.  Then I spoke to another woman who barely stopped and said they didn't replace the phone at the store any more.

Having paid for the insurance for years and last time I needed it they were very nice and replaced it because I need my phone - surprise.

Now - you have to wait until they send you one, and... they doubled the price of the deductible.

Would love to hear your comments on what service you have and are you happy with it?

Hope your day is going better... :)



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I've been with Verizon since its inception.  Let's just say it's a love/hate relationship!

  I am surprised at the Poor Service you received.  If I can say 1 good thing about Verizon in Tallahassee, it is that the Stores provide excellent customer service - whether it be your phone, your service, your Plan, or your Billing.

Sep 20, 2013 05:28 AM