Long Distance Buyers: A Different Type of Client

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Long distance buyersAnything long distance can be a struggle. No matter if it’s a relationship or a home purchase, certain ideals and conveniences are surrendered and put into the hands of others. Ryan Snedaker, an agent at Brandon Green Companies, has been in long distance buyer situations numerous times and has been responsible for showing the clients different properties via various forms of technology.

“It’s different how you handle it—they rely on us [agents] more to listen and connect to what they want and are very trusting of us since they can’t see the properties for themselves,” said Snedaker.

Snedaker has had long distance clients from California, North Carolina, Egypt and the Middle East, all of whom had never seen the property in person prior to making an offer. These clients all relied on him to “be their eyes and see what they want to see” and show them everything he can through a personal walk-through with his phone, while he narrates each room’s features.

While Snedaker says he’s “encountered surprisingly low difficulties,” one technology snafu created a a slight delay. The client had been in the Middle East and due to the country’s laws, YouTube had been banned from the country and the client was unable to view the videos that Ryan had uploaded. Instead they had to work around the roadblocks by uploading the videos of the properties to offline storage and then meeting with the clients through online chat to hear their reactions and thoughts.

Long distance buyers are just one of the many types of clients Brandon Green Companies help serve. No matter if you’re local or halfway across the world, a buyer or a seller, we are here to help make the real estate process as easy as possible for you. Contact us at info@brandongreen.com or +1 (202) 318-1623 for more information or to talk with an agent.

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