Time Blocking for Realtors

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A few weeks ago we talked about two things you need to do to ensure you actually achieve all the goals you set for yourself.  This week we will talk about one of those things, Time Blocking, and later this week we will talk about discernment and timelines.  Combined, these two teachings should help you achieve more this year and still have a life - which is what most desire but few achieve.  I want you to achieve it!  So here we go.


Time blocking is the act of blocking off a block of time to accomplish like tasks and then sticking to the block.  It is focus on a task or group of tasks for a short period of time and not allowing any interruptions.  You already time block some things, the key to getting it all done and still having a life is to time block everything.  For example, you have an appointment with a client; say to write a million dollar listing.  You block off maybe 1 or 2 hours to do that listing appointment.  Let's say your appointment is Wednesday at 2, you do not schedule anything else until 4 because you are blocking off two hours for that important client.  Now when you are with that client, you do not take inbound calls or check your e-mails, you are focused on the task at hand.  The key to successful time management is to do that same thing with all your time and tasks.  So I set aside Tuesday mornings to follow up with all my customers from the leads I receive on Monday.  While I am in that time I do not take inbound calls or review my e-mails.  You could spend an entire day just fielding phone calls and answering e-mails and you would not have done anything to build your business!


This is where most Realtors fall down.  They respect a client more then their own time so while they plan to spend 2 hours doing outbound marketing, they allow phone calls and e-mails to come in and that immediately gets you side tracked and the important task you meant to do does not get done.  You allow all the urgent crisis things to interrupt your day.  You can block your entire week off into time and then honor the blocks - it is critical.  Then you block a time to return calls and answer e-mails.  I do it from 8-8:30, from 11:30-12 and from 5-5:30 and then I am on my way home.  From 8:30-11:30 I am not answering calls or e-mails because I am in the middle of something important - like helping you grow your business.  In so doing, I get the tasks done that I need to get done and achieve all I want to achieve and still have time for the important stuff like Family and friends.  It is possible and you can do it to.  Just plan your weeks into blocks, honor and respect the blocks, and watch your productivity soar!  Later this week we will look at discernment and patience as the final part of this one-two productivity combo!  Until next week, be blessed!

PS.  One of the tasks that can bog any Realtor down is the follow up you know you need to be doing on all those leads.  This is a task you can delegate to me and I can do for you.  I can follow up with the people you don't have time for while you work the hot deals and with a 5 step follow up system I will convert some of those leads and bring them back to you ready to go!  You could double your business, have more time in your life, and I DO ALL THE WORK!  This system risks you nothing, costs you nothing and takes me just 5 minutes to show you.  For your free 5 minute consultation just give me a call today at 321-956-0884.  Have an awesome week and I look forward to building your business this year!

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