Notary Signing Agents...Are the good times ahead?

Real Estate Agent with Rae McKinney

The Feds seem to be trying to improve the overall mortgage situation with influxes of capital into the troubled markets.  Are lenders really going to make refinancing more accessible to those in need?  Is this the shot that will cure the troubled real estate and mortgage industry?  The widespread affect of the "bursting bubble" has many of us scrambling to make ends meet.  Borrowers, Lenders, Real Estate Sales, Construction trades, Maufacturing and so many others are all feeling the fallout.

I am not sure if anyone is really in favor of a bail-out of those who were led to purchase something they really couldn't afford, but on the other hand...if we couldn't afford it, why were we capable of buying?  

I do believe in free press, but I do not believe in the doom and gloom media saturation we are enduring today.  Give it a rest newspeople and let's focus on the recovery.

Rae McKinney, Notary Public and Real Estate Sales, Laughlin, NV
CNSA, National Notary Association 

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