I forgot what it was like, sitting on the other side of the table!

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If I could recommend one thing to all Realtor's, go put an offer in on a property that you really like! What a refreshing exprience it was.

Hi,  Lance Owens (RS) here, with LUVA Real Estate, and I wanted to share my personal real estate experience. 

My wife and I have been looking for acreage here on the Big Island now for about a year, and as we watch prices climb, and inventory decline, we have had to lower our expectations some, with the fear of possibly being priced out of the market in the near future. Its funny because when you try to convey this to your clients, some just take it as a "Sales" pitch. Trust me, its real! 

So as luck would have it, a well priced 3 acre parcel came on the market, nice, desirable area, in a gated community. I call my wife up and tell her we need to look at this - asap, knowing the market, this property was going to move very fast. She rushed up the mountain, and we walked the property, front to back, side to side, all in chest high weeds and grass - (nickname for it was molasses grass), sticky, with a sweet smell. Funny, in the old days I would have written the offer with a clause that the seller clear the weeds, so we could see what we were buying - not in this market, by the time we got home to write the offer, the sellers agent informed me they just recieved an offer and had another agent threatening one more offer.  (FYI  - we did not have to lower our standards - we love this property) 

So we sat down, sharpened our pencils, and wrote a very good offer, with a 24 hour response time. That was the longest 24 hours I have spent in a long time. I woke up Friday morning , expecting to go into the office, but the suspense was killing me, I couldn't work at all.  

I had to go clear my mind, and that meant only one thing.........  load up the fishing boat, and head out to sea - alone.



 Kona Fishing

The sun finally came out and the seas turned blue again, 

Kona blue

But all I could do, was stare at my phone - mental telepathy, I was telling it to ring, ring, ring, it took a few hours, but it finally worked, only,  I wasn't looking at it then, the hummmmm of the motor, the hypnotizing waves, the beauty of the Pacific Ocean, my therapy had worked , I had forgotten all about my stress.

Habit made me put my phone back in it the glove compartment, safe from the elements, that's when reality hit, or actually panick hit!  I pulled my phone out, not only did I have some missed calls, but 2 of them were from the listing agent - what - how could that happen?

Panicked, I was all worried, what if she had a question, a simple one,  one that could make or break the deal? What if she was calling with bad news? 

She had left a message on the 2nd missed call, should I play it? Noooo, Yessss, nooo, OKAY, I had to listen to it, so I throttled down the engine, held my breath, and hit the play button. 


where are youuuuuuuuu 

I have some news,

some GOOOOOOOD news, for you!!! 

WOW, its real, we got it, our offer was accepted, what a relief, my nerves were a wreck, I was excited, life was good. I pulled in all the lines, throttled up the motor and hi-tailed it back to the harbor. 

I almost drug my boat up the mountain to look at "our" new property - but I drove home, flushed out the motor, washed the reels down - then I headed up the mountain. 

I have a new found respect for all the buyers I assist in there dreams, I hope to be a better agent from this experience, and try to learn something new everyday, but this experience gave a years worth of lessons. 

Take a look at our new dream property, I will keep you updated as we move through the escrow process. 

Property runs the length of this white fence, nice rectangular lot. 


Kaloko Mauka

This is from the bottom looking up. 

Below is an interior photo, 


Kaloko farms




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Aloha, and have a great day 

Lance Owens (RS)

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