Financial Indicators For Commercial Income Producing Properties

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Financial Indicators For Commercial Income Properties:

Gross Rent Multiplier (GRM)

Price of the Property Divided by the Gross Potential Income (GPI)


What Does This DOWN & DIRTY INDICATOR Tell You ???

For Apartments:

3.5X to 4.5X = Low Income Property

4.5X to 6.5X = Median Income Property

6.5X to 8.5X = Upper Income Property

For low income property , since the price is low the GPI (Total Potential Rent) divided into the price will produce a small number. As the price of the property increases the GRM generally increases.

For Gross Leased Office Buildings:

5.5X to 6.5X = Class C

6.5X to 7.0X = Class B

7.0X to 8.5X = Class A

Modified Net or Gross Leases will cause the multipliers to vary. When we have a Net Lease (Sometimes referred to as a Net, Net, Net Lease) the GRM will have no meaning.

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