Does anyone like the new iOS 7 Update?

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Is it just me, or is the new update just a tad funky?  I downloaded the new iOS 7 update yesterday and so far, I'm not a fan.  Call me old fashioned or resistant to change, ---whatever---I'm just not a fan of the new platform.

First of all, I strongly dislike the color scheme.  The flourescent, "vibrant" colors are not my favorite.  This is a personal opinion, yet I have heard it echoed throughout my office.

Secondly, my son updated his phone on the same day--within the same hour and somehow, I am getting emails from my son that are associated with my gmail account.  So, for instance, if I send an email to a client from the MLS software, the email is also delivered into my email box except that now it tells me the email is from "Blake"-my son- instead of "ME".  How do I fix this???

It took me FOREVER to find Safari--it also took me forever to recognize that I can no longer look for an app by swiping to the far left.  This new iOS7 update truly should come with a manual for those less tech savvy individuals like myself.  Just sayin'. 

If anyone is truly in favor of the new update, I'd LOVE to hear why you like it...please, enlighten me.

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Eli Magids

Hi Amber,

   I love it. I love the funky colors,and the more readable emails. But you are not alone. My wife refuses to download it. The more you use it,the friendlier it will be........Hang in there. :-D



Sep 24, 2013 11:24 PM
Sharon Miller
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I have come to the conclusion when updates are available for my computer's security program, microsoft operating system or email/internet host etc., I defer immediate updating, letting others serve as the proverbial "guinea pig". If the program update has some glitches, a subsequent email with an attachment  "patch" will be forthcoming in a matter of days. Not all programs are created equal ie... Microsoft's ME operating system for example. I have begun to read reviews after new products have been released to let others share their positive/negative comments.   

I have lost count how many hours have been spent/wasted returning my computer to fully operational status after an "update" has been installed. I don't blame anyone as the variables these IT companies face when releasing a "new version" are incalculable. I have learned that a newer version of a software product is not necessarily an improved one. Keep in mind, software/IT companies are forced to issue new products or they will disappear from the market place. Does the menu change at your favorite restaurant on an infrequent basis? Have a great day and good luck with the i0S 7 platform.

Sep 25, 2013 12:16 AM
Paul Collier
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Paul Collier

I didn't think it was broken enough to have to be fixed. So, while I'm curious about some of the new feature, I'm waiting until they drag me kicking and screaming in to the update.

Sep 25, 2013 03:40 AM