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"I want to buy a home but there is just no inventory......"



Suwanee Georgia is becoming widely known as the place people want to live in the North Atlanta area.  With Suwanee Town Center Park being the heart of the home town and having so many family oriented activities, the draw for Suwanee is magnetic.  It has been voted in the top ten places to live by multiple publications in the last 5 years.   

There is such a high demand for this community that the inventory continues to be very limited. In dealing with clients who want to be only in Suwanee, I am having to step out and try to track down homes where the owners may be willing to sell...if not right now.... possibly in a few months.  Factor in the time it will take to get the home ready, list it and go through the process of showing and negotiating it.  Then very often the fact that they know it could be sold without having to be ready for showings on a daily basis and not have to deal with the uncertainty of not knowing when they are going to have to move, goes a long way to making them consider possibly selling a month or two sooner.  

When that happens everybody wins.  The homeowners now know their home is sold and they can move forward with their plans confidently, whether it is to downsize, move up or relocate. In the "olden days", we had to take people out to look at homes to help them make the decision to take the leap and put their home on the market.  Wow, did this market ever change quickly or am I dreaming.  If I am dreaming, please don't wake me up.  I have been waiting for this dream for years.  

To be able to find the home of your dreams in Suwanee or many other popular communities, you need an agent who is willing to step out of the box and make something happen for their client.  Do you really want to accept less?  Make sure your agent is willing to be proactive in the search for your home and is not just going to rely on what is currently listed.  




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