TO FSBO OR NOT TO FSBO... a marketing delimma

Real Estate Broker/Owner with Scates Realty & Investment Properties
Today we can drive into almost any neighborhood and see a "for sale by owner" sign on every street.  How much does this impact the real estate market? How much does the Realtor have to throw in to obtain that valued contract?  In one hand the benefit of the FSBO is for the owners to feel that small sense of control over what is happening with their home. On the other-hand that guarantee and protection is not there... We research and find the legal protection for both the buyer and seller, the tenant and property owner.  Realtors network and drive that extra mile to not just obtain that valued contract but find the right home or placement for the client.  How much do FSBO's affect the market. Only as much as you let them.  A FSBO may be an opportunity for you to open the door for that property owner's peace of mind.  A FSBO may be under the ideology of saving money but when the contract has something wrong there is the expense of an attorney to correct it, finances to fix what is broken, and no guarantee its all resolved.  A knowledgeable Realtor works out everything before the deal is done.  Lets use those FSBO signs and create peace of mind for everyone.

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