What's my home in Shrewsbury, PA worth?

Real Estate Agent

Wondering what your home is worth?  If you currently live in Baltimore, MD or Southern York County, I am the guy to help you!  I am on a mission to help at least 10 people find out by the end of this week what their home is worth!  Inventory is coming down, which means I have more buyers than homes to sell!  Now is a great time to sell your home! 

The asking price you set for your home significantly affects whether you will profit in the sale, how much you will profit and how long your home will sit on the market. My knowledge of the overall market and what's selling - or not selling - will be invaluable in helping you determine the price. The objective is to find a price that the market will bear but won't leave money on the table. 

Not sure if now is the right time to sell?  Let's get together and crunch the numbers!

If you are interested visit my website: http://www.homesalesbymcbride.com/sell. If you are happy where you are, please pass along to your neighbors and friends!

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