Deal Breakers for Buyers….. Smelly House

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Deal Breakers for Buyers….. Smelly House


On the list of deal breakers for buyers is a smelly house.  When they open the front door and an Unpleasant Odorsunpleasant odor hits them in the face, they may just turn around and walk away.  First impressions are so very important.  This could be a missed opportunity for the seller.  The buyer may really like the neighborhood, the school district, and the house may be the only one currently on the market in the neighborhood.  But the buyer just can’t handle the smell, and may feel they would not be able to remove the “nose offender” from the home or would want to take on that task. 

The seller needs to invite a friend or relative over, and stress the need for their honest opinion regarding any unpleasant odors in the home.  Pets, cigarette smoke and lingering smells from cooking can be turnoffs for buyers. In the case of pets, clean the pets area, deodorize the carpets and upholstery, oh and clean the pet. Cigarette smoke can get into everything.  That is a huge cleaning task, and might require professional cleaning.  Make sure last night’s dinner is not still hanging around.   

A seller needs to have every vantage point when selling his home.

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Kathy Stoltman
Balboa Real Estate - Ventura, CA
Ventura County Real Estate Consultant 805-746-1793

Susan, oh boy, did you nail the smell issue. It is a toss up of what smell is the worst.. greasy smell from never cleaning the stove, cigarette smoke, animal smells and the list goes on. This smell issue will surely deduct $$$ from the sale, far more than if the seller just took steps to rectify the smell situation.

Sep 26, 2013 02:59 AM
Susan Jackson
America's Network Realty Group, Inc - Sandy Springs, GA

Kathy, you hit it on the head.  Thanks for stopping by

Sep 26, 2013 03:29 AM