RE/MAX Hot Air Balloon Visits Local Hawk Elementary School, Corinth, TX

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RE/MAX Balloon visits local school

RE/MAX hot air balloon came to present their "How Hot Air Rises" program to Hawk Elementary School in Corinth, TX in late February.  My broker, Kelly Hudnall of RE/MAX North Associates of Denton, generously donated the funds to allow the RE/MAX balloon to come out to the school.  The kids learned about thermodynamics and some plain fun stories about hot air balloons. This particular balloon could hold the equivalent of 65,000 basketballs (65,000 cubic feet) of air  Huge, huh?!  Nothing pleased the kids more (or scared them more) than when the balloon pilot would fire it up and it let out a loud burst of fire breathing air!  The kids all had a blast!  This event was set up to celebrate the completion of their science fair earlier that week.  Many thanks to Kelly and Jennifer for setting this up!

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