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Google Glass Will Change Real Estate

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September 30, 2013  :11:55 AM PST 



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  • National Average for 30-Yr Fixed Mortgage Rate is down 0.18% to 4.32% on Sept. 26,.
    MBS (3.5%) - Currently 101.79, High: 101.94, Low: 101.59
    DJI Stocks currently $15,167.71, Down $-90.53, Change -0.597%
    Asian & European Stock Market Indexes changed -1.133%
    Crude Oil (WTI) Currently $102.21 - Change -0.64%
    Gold 1 Once - $1,329.20 


Five Ways Google Glass Will Change Real Estate 

By Jackie Ruiz - In 2014, Google Glass will leave the testing roam and become available for consumers everywhere. The wearable tech from the search giant is the first of its kind and building hype as various industries race to use Glass to their advantage. The obvious players are there-social networks, photography, navigation-but real estate is already finding ways to use Glass in revolutionary ways.

Property search
Browsing homes and rentals online is often unorganized and frustrating. Listings have missing data, photos and information about the neighborhood. But now a person can soon walk down the street wearing Glass and see, in real time, which properties in the community are for sale and rent. >>Read More


Call it the summer of the cash sale.

All-cash home purchases skyrocketed during the summer months of 2013, with their share of total sales growing by more than 40 percent from the beginning of June to the end of August, amid sustained appetite from investors, a recent spike in interest rates and tight inventory.

Cash purchases accounted for 45 percent of sales in August, up from the 2013 trough of 32 percent seen in April and May, according to RealtyTrac data provided exclusively to Inman News. >>Read More