It's Not Easy Being Chartreuse, that's a shade of green, isn't it?

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Rain is pouring down outside my St. John’s, Newfoundland home today and that may not sound strange to many of you but it is to us – it should be snowing.  Here we call it Sheila’s Brush (which is a snow storm just before St. Patrick’s Day).  Now I know most of you would take rain over snow any day but for us it’s a strange weather phenomena.  And itRainy Day tips the balance of our Earth’s ecosystem – again. 

Here in Newfoundland warmer rainy weather translates to warmer oceans which translates to fewer icebergs which translates to a reduction of fish stocks (which need cold water to survive) which translates into fewer fish for fisherpersons which translates to a poor economy and so on and so forth.

We can point our fingers at corporate malfeasance, government inaction, but we should really point our fingers at ourselves.  We are running ourselves into the ground and taking future generations with us.  I happily take my “green” shopping bags to the grocery store, change out my old light bulbs to energy efficient ones, reduced the heat in my home, I compost and recycle, I’ve donated my old cell phone and computers to charity, and I’ve stopped purchasing water and use a water filter at home after listening to Dr. David SuzDr. David Suzuki, Environmentalistuki’s commentary on water. 

And, not least of all, I attempt to use my vehicle in an energy efficient manner by combining trips and appointments so that I don’t waste precious fuel that today is $1.25 per litre.  I don’t watch Oprah very often but very recently Lisa Ling went dumpster diving in New York with a group that apparently does this on a regular basis.  Literally boxes full of dated food was thrown away not expired - outside grocery stores in Manhattan.  And, people were taking this home, I was hoping they could convince stores to donate these items to local shelters but I’m a dreamer.  I’m sure many grocery companies do donate but that fact that most of this good food would end up in landfills boggles my mind.

Here’s my disappointment with being green hence the reason for feeling a little chartreuse (which green with yellow mixed in, really).  We are chickens with a big yellow streak down our backs, we talk the walk but not walk the talk – at least most of us.  Just take a quick trip to Google Earth and link to World’s Oil Consumption – its astounding!  The U.S., China, Europe and population wise Canada are some of the largest oil consumers in the world.  That petroleum product translates into my fuzzy pajamas that are made of recycled plastic, I rip my energy efficient light bulbs out of their hard plastic shell that winds up in my local landfill, and as I watch hundreds and hundreds of people in line, including myself at times, idling their cars to get coffee in a “recyclable” cup I feel “green” is an uphill battle. Chartruese Ribbon

We are consumers pure and simple and getting to any shade of green is going to take monumental action on the part of government through legislation, corporations by being good citizens of the planet and individuals like you.

Denise Brophy, ABR, ePro, CERC Relocation Specialist 


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Jo-Anne Smith
Oakville, ON


Wonderful and very 'up-front' post. I'm glad you're doing your part and if more people were like you, the entire globe would be in a much better position right now. I'm confident that bit by bit, we can implement just takes people like you and me and thousands others to keep talking about this and raising awareness.


Mar 13, 2008 07:27 AM #1
Gary Hammerlund
Home Energy Inspections - Grand Rapids, MI
Green, Energy Efficient Realtor

Denise, great post!

Are you suggesting this condition in Newfoundland is a result of global warming? "We are chickens with a big yellow streak down our backs" 

Sorry I couldn't help myself.

Mar 13, 2008 08:23 AM #2
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 THIS is one-reason why I read our BLOG. Thanks for this post that took time, consideration, and a fiar amount of blooming green thinking!  =)

Mar 13, 2008 09:16 AM #3
Tricia Jumonville
Bradfield Properties - Georgetown, TX
Texas REALTOR , Agent With Horse Sense

Good points, Denise.  However, try to remember, Rome wasn't built in a day, and each step we take, both ourselves and in educating others, does (with all the one steps that everyone else is taking), make a difference. 

We didn't get here overnight, and we're not going to be able to fix it overnight. But don't get discouraged - I'm convinced we WILL get there!


Mar 13, 2008 09:22 AM #4
Denise Brophy
Re/Max Realty Specialists - St Johns, NL

Thanks for the comments Jo-Anne, janeAnne and Trish it was a blog waiting to happen and janeAnne's reminder today helped me put it together. 

Yes Gary, I live in a very sensitive ecosystem. I've mentioned previously that over the past 25 years the weather has changed, which affects plant life, ocean life and human life as well. Yep, we are chickens, better analogy would be ostrichs with our heads in the sand if we think consumerism has not endangered our planet. 

I love my luxury items and I think sometimes I cannot live without them but I fear for our children's future, so I gotta dig in.


Mar 13, 2008 09:46 AM #5
Ann Cummings
RE/MAX Shoreline - NH and Maine - Portsmouth, NH
Portsmouth NH Real Estate Preferrable Agent

Hi Denise - 'dumpster diving', I've heard of people doing that, and how amazing to find what you mentioned they did.  Green is an uphill battle as you wrote, because many just don't understand that there are plenty of small things we can all be doing now to make an impact.  I'm one of those that didn't, until recently, see that there really are small things I could do that would help.  It's getting the word out about those kinds of things that will be the first step to helping others understand we all need to step up to the plate in our own little worlds.


Mar 14, 2008 01:07 AM #6

bite your tounge! sheilas brush is around, st paddy's day not neccesarily before! being a very scornful woman and mother of paddy! she is naturally associated with a fierce storm around patricks b-day! anyways on to the topic at hand! i am so tired of people complaining about the earth warming when they don't know the facts! its true were poluting the earth, but causing global warming is BS. speak to any geologist, they'll tell you with their layers of rocks that it is a natural cycle the earth goes through, warming and cooling. we are on the warming incline of the cycle! check out this government study!

 P.S. you spoke to soon, how'd you like sheila brush on st. paddy's day?? 60cm. phhshhh!! i think we could use a little global warming! you know how our  weather is  warm one day cold the  next,  we  are surrounded  by  the  ocean, more so on the avalon peninsula! PEACE!


Mar 19, 2008 11:56 AM #7
Denise Brophy
Re/Max Realty Specialists - St Johns, NL

Hi Nate:

Thanks for visiting my blog.  Yep I shoveled out Saturday, and then Monday evening and Tuesday, so I plan on celebrating Paddy's Day this Friday at the Ship.  I've been told that Sheila's Brush to be just that a slight dusting not a full out dump just before St. Patrick's Day.  If we didn't have the weather to chat about how would we survive. 


Mar 19, 2008 12:36 PM #8
Jim Crawford
RE/MAX Paramount Properties - Atlanta, GA
Jim Crawford Atlanta Best Listing Agents & REALTOR
Great Blog on thinking about the green issues! Very well done! I also think it clever to mingle your topic with St Patricks Day!
Mar 19, 2008 01:11 PM #9

Great Blog!  There is alot of carbon emissions out there.

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Apr 29, 2011 03:36 AM #10
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