My Home Stager said to paint the porch

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My Home Stager said to paint the porch, to help my property show better. This sounds like a reasonable suggestion, as we know the first impression to a home can set the tone for the rest of the house. I recently had a discussion with a former colleague who shared her neighbours experience selling her condo before she moved in next door. As we know it is very common to hire a Stagger to help prepare a home for sale, so when the recommendation to freshen up the front porch was made it seemed to make perfect sense. The problem was not caught till closing when the Seller's Lawyer pointed out that the purchase was for a condo, and that painting the porch was in violation of the condo corp rules. The Buyers  were prepared to walk from the deal, and we all know what domino effect that can set off. The Seller had to remove the paint and have the condo corp accept the cleaning up as well as the Buyer.This whole incident should have been avoided at the fist mention of painting anything exterior regarding a condominium. Both Agents if not the Selling Agent should have had red flags go off at the mere mention of altering the exterior with out checking the by-laws. I am sure any Judge would have had plenty to say if this had ended up in court. We have to remember that sellers rely on us to be the experts and this is why we have to stay in charge of the listing at all times.

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Kathy Sheehan
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It certainly sounds like the agents should have been on top of this long before closing.

Oct 02, 2013 10:44 AM