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Many homeowners assert that it is better to own a house than to rent because of the tax deductions. If a homeowner would itemize his taxes, it is possible to deduct in full the cost of the mortgage interest as well as the property taxes from his income tax returns.

During the tax season, it is important for homeowners across the Dayton real estate market to know what they are entitled to. Here are things that they should know about home-related income taxes.

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Itemize claims for possible tax deductions

Up to 40% of homeowners tend to lose out on major tax advantages each year due to their failure to itemize income taxes. Gather forms from the mortgage company and try to answer basic tax questions. Do the math and determine if itemizing or making standard deduction would result in lowest tax bills or highest tax refunds.

Plan ahead for strategies for home office deductions

Putting up home offices has become a common practice across the Dayton real estate market. Homeowners should understand that home offices have equivalent tax deductions. It may vary across the city due to different tax brackets. It is possible to save on taxes just by writing off home offices. However, the home office space would not be exempted from any capital gains taxation when the home is eventually sold.

Determine effects to income tax of a refinance

Many homeowners across the Dayton real estate market should be warned. They may refinance their home loans for hefty household savings. However, the practice could have a greater setback. Property taxes as well as mortgage interest could possibly be minimized. But those could also be the major basis for tax benefits in the long run. Thus, it is important to make plans ahead for income tax deductions in consideration of taxes and interest.

Don’t forget about closing costs

Homeowners in the Dayton real estate market may be more focused on property tax deductions and mortgage interest rates. But they should not forget about the closing costs of such transactions. All origination fees paid to the mortgage provider during the closing could be tax deductible.

Homeowners who have questions about property taxes should approach the experts regarding the matter. It is not ideal to do actions based on hunches and hearsays. This is the time when any amount regarding taxes would truly matter. Seek assistance and advice.  


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