5 Cool Ideas For Green Home Remodeling in Northern Virginia

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Every home seems to have a never-ending remodeling list.  As you consider tackling your next project, it usually pays off if you also think about helping the environment.

5 Cool Ideas For Green Home Remodeling

Green remodeling can last longer, utilize recycled materials and typically end up saving you money in the long run.  Below are several environment-friendly ideas that will have your Northern Virginia neighbors green with envy.

1. Rain Gardens

Rain gardens are a shallow depressions in your yard planted with native shrubs and flowers. When there is a large rainfall, all the water rushes along roadways picking up dirt and pollutants along their way to drainage systems and eventually rivers and streams.

Rain gardens catch water run-off, which reduces the street flooding and makes for cleaner water sources.

2. Reclaimed Hardwoods

Using reclaimed wood is all of the rage right now - and it's easy to see why.  Reclaimed wood helps the environment by being recycled and re-purposed from other structures.  Turning an old barn into your new hardwood floors not only saves trees and looks great, but is an interesting conversation point.

3. Paper Covers Rock

Most kitchen remodels usually include the discussion of to go with granite or quartz countertops.  However compressed paper or glass surfaces are actually better for the environment.  Instead of harvesting natural resources, you'll be recycling resources that have already been used.

4. One Shower Head

It's tempting to use multiple showerheads and powerfully flushing toilets.  However, reducing your water usage saves you money.  Install low-flow water fixtures and limit yourself to just one fantastic showerhead in each bathroom. You'll help the earth and your pocketbook by saving water.

5. Passive Solar Design

Solar panels are a great way to trap the sun's energy and reduce your utility bills.  However, if you're not ready to directly tap into the grid, then there are ways you can remodel your home using passive solar design.  Concrete floors and thick concrete, brick or plaster walls soak up the suns rays during the day and release them at night when the temperature drops.

Going green doesn't have to hamper your lifestyle or your home's design.  With the five green remodeling ideas above, you'll add value to your Chantilly home, help the environment and put money back in your bank account.

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