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There are two very important tasks that everyone should do, but seem to rarely accomplish.  Make out a will and put together a home inventory list.  One can never know when tragedy will strike, so you need to be prepared.

*Make out your will.  Even if it isn't real in depth, you can relay some of your basic wishes on paper for others to carry out.  Address issues such as, where you want to be buried, the type of funeral you prefer, etc.  Have it notarized and put it into a safety deposit box.  Give another copy to whomever you have delegated as your executor, or give the copy to a trusted friend or relative.

*Put together a home inventory list.  It is a huge undertaking, so start basic.  List your major appliances and take photos.  Store that information away in a safe place like your safety deposit box.  Then move onto the next items, such as furniture, jewelry, etc., taking photos of everything and store that information away.  If you do a group at a time, it doesn't get overwhelming.

Another good idea is to make things easier for survivors after you are gone, is to have a list of all of your insurances, investments, CD's, IRA's, etc.  You can store that list with your will.

Beside the fact of making things easier for yourself or others in case of an emergency, you will have piece of mind knowing your affairs are in order.

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