In this Independence home, you can FLY to CORVALLIS in just Minutes!

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    It’s Saturday morning; you wake up to the birds chirping and see the sun rising out your bedroom window. You crawl out of bed ready for what the day has. Meander downstairs to your spacious kitchen to get a cup of coffee and watch through your back windows as the first plane takes off for the morning. You’re looking forward to joining the group of pilots who love to fly away for a day trip to the coast, the wineries or just scan over the beautiful Oregon greenery.

    However, in this moment you’re enjoying sipping your coffee and watching other pilots take off. You love the hum that a plane makes. You love to watch the planes start down the runway, take off and then disappear within the clouds. 

     But for you, watching isn’t enough. You gear up and head out to your heated hanger, not sure of your destination for the day, but knowing that the thrill of flying will satisfy your adventurous heart. 

    Last weekend, you flew up to Portland to enjoy the Saturday market, the weekend before that you flew over to the coast for a clear day to see the beautiful ocean from above. Today however, you might fly north to check out the local wineries and maybe fly over Western Oregon University to see the beautiful campus from above. It doesn’t matter to you where you go, all that matters is you will be above the world looking down in wonder at the beauty of the world we live in. 

    You can’t simply just live in the Independence Air Park; the Independence Air Park is a lifestyle choice. Independence is a quaint town in a centralized location, minutes from Corvallis! Being so close to numerous wineries, a ½ hour flight to Portland, and near Western Oregon University and Oregon State University. The town is filled with many adventurous people who love to fly! Especially in the Air Park. It’s a place where adventurous hearts can explore the world, starting in their backyard!

    On Aeronca St. your flying dream could become a reality. With an immaculate 3,494 square foot home having 4 bedrooms and 3 ½ baths. This is a home with lots of room that can fit anyone! Being spacious inside just isn’t all this home has, it also comes with a hanger for your plane and an RV door! 

    Not sure if you are sold on the dream? Watch for yourself in this virtual tour!



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