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VA Real Estate Auctioneer Matt Gallimore sells with internet bids at Online Only Auctions and you can now register for free and view the last bid. Multiple properties are being offered at the land auction in South West Virginia including Carroll County. Selling property online is becoming increasingly popular in this part of Virginia. " The internet has rough new attention to buying land and other property when some folks just did know about the land being for sale" says Matt Gallimore, Real Estate Broker and Auctioneer from Floyd, Virginia. " We started seeing an increase in people looking and buying property because ofthese internet platforms and Online Only Bidding Systems" say Gallimore. Back 10 years ago many people we skeptical of the online bidding because they felt that there was no control in the process and people were wary of giving out online information. It is more of a common practice now to have information stored and registered on multiple online frames. The online only auction process requires no extensive information, the auctioneer will give you a call after getting the information from the online generated system. This is more of a personal touch and bidders feel more at ease know that they is a reputable auctioneer talking to them on the phone. Call Matt Gallimore direct at 540-239-2585.

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