Unplug and Enjoy the Outdoors

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‘Tis the weather for an outdoor adventure! What’s a trip and experience costing almost no money, but is fun, exciting, and refreshing? A rejuvenating hike up the mountain! The desert landscape is filled with not only beautiful sand and palm trees, but also incredible mountains that surround the valley. As the weather begins to cool down, hikes and outdoor activities are now more desirable in the desert. You don’t have to wake up at the crack of dawn to catch a window of cooler weather, and the sun won’t beat down as hard. Bring friends or family on a hike anytime or day and enjoy the lovely weather during a brisk hike overlooking the valley.

The hiking hot-spot in the desert is located in Palm Desert, California called the “Bump and Grind.” It is not a far drive from Rancho Mirage, and not in the middle of no-where. This popular spot is even good for kids and families to enjoy and stay active together.  A hike can get anyone out of the house and off of electronics at least for a couple of hours. It’s a way to unplug from the digital and virtual world and take some time to enjoy the beauty of nature, and really appreciate the desert we live in.

Although the hike itself doesn’t cost money, it is essential to stay hydrated throughout and pack a backpack equipped with snacks, water, and don’t forget a camera! Your group can go at any pace, there’s no rushing or racing, but it is still extremely important to drink water throughout, as it a vigorous outdoor activity. Some hikers choose to pack a small lunch and eat it once they arrive at a lookout spot! You can turn the hike into a simple picnic and enjoy the scenery overlooking the valley.

Be sure to check out Today’s Realty Group and Loan Solutions located in Palm Desert, only a mile or two away from the Bump and Grind!

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