4 Great home design concepts

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Unusual home designs have always been a part of the real estate landscape. Individual definition of what constitutes a “home” has resulted in everything from houses being built into the side of mountains, caves crafted into modern dwellings to underground abodes.  Some design concepts, though, find a more mainstream following, such as these four have (more and more) over the last several years.

ECO FRIENDLY – these homes take into account the surrounding environment and the impact they have on it in their energy use and building materials. This includes utilizing sustainable energy sources and bio-degradable materials.Existing homes can be improved with energy upgrades that work in conjunction with environmental concerns, yet aren’t terribly expensive to install. Did you believe being green was more expensive? Not always.

HEALTHY HOMES – allergies and asthma concerns are addressed in new construction homes that showcase not only energy efficiency, but avoid using fume-producing glues, plastics, laminates and materials with chemical additives. Who knew "new car smell" or "new house smell" was a problem for some. Well. It is. And there are solutions to those solutions!

ADAPTIVE REUSE – remember how marvelous it was when someone took a really great old barn and instead of tearing it down, rebuilt it as a wonderful and unique home?  That’s occurring a lot more regularly, with empty warehouses, abandoned factories and school buildings.  Remember when the tornado hit downtown Fort Worth? Montgomery Plaza now has a fantastic housing and retail combo inside and that Bank One building turned all those catastrophically blownout windows into downtown housing. The Lofts in downtown Denver are another excellent example of repurposing at its best.

Our 4th design concept is one you can easily implement and it can add great value to any home.

OUTDOOR ROOMS.  These are limited only by your budget, imagination and available outdoor space.  They can be located in a backyard, on a balcony or even a rooftop!  They can be as simple as a lovely covered patio area with comfortable seating to a full outdoor kitchen set up where you might spend the bulk of your time during pleasant weather.  Enjoying and making the most of outdoor spaces can include firepits, screened sleeping areas or just tables and chairs.  You may build a patio, deck or even a gazebo and outfit it in a variety of ways.  To really make the most of outdoor living, include garden planning.  An outdoor space can be so enchanting; it might be hard to convince yourself to go back in the house!

Just last week I received a text from a client who allowed me to help her family buy nearby. She sent me a photo of her living room view to her back porch living space and back yard and she said, "This view will always give me butterflies." Honestly. It gave me goosebumbs when I read her text. Our options are limited mostly by our own imaginations in utilizing to the fullest not just between the walls, but the entirety of the homes that shelter us, keep us warm in winter and witness all the seasons of our lives.  When you work with me, it isn’t just about buying or selling some brick and mortar. It really is about the life you choose to live and the place where it will all happen.

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Kathy Stoltman
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Kristen, this list shows how homes can really add features and benefits that will attract buyers willing to come to the table with good offers.

Oct 06, 2013 02:28 AM
Sheree Holsey
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great article. Thanks for sharing.

Oct 22, 2013 11:00 AM