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Working Hard in this Shifting Market

Real Estate Sales Representative with Prudential First Properties

There is so much talk today how we as agents have to work harder then before.. I was one of the lucky agents who came into the market.. in 2003 when the iron was hot.. and the only skill I needed was to smile.. and the house would sell. Now today I have to work.. there is much more then putting that sign out in front of the home and getting an offer by 5pm.. no more listing a home at 10am and saying showings start at noon and offers presented at 5 and boom the house is sold.....

   It is also great to know that real estate coaches and managers know this and are there to help us and train us.. for me.. I know I have to work hard, I know what I need to do.. I have always been one to think out side of the box.. but this is a little challenge.. right now.. there is more to it then putting that sign in front of the home,

one thing I have learned is pricing the home.. I really have to work hard at that.. because pricing is 95% of marketing the home.. if the home is priced well it will sell. .. then there is other other things that I need to work on and that is marketing the home, not just putting an add in the paper and be done.. no.. I got to let everyone know about this house.. get on the phone call the neighbors, call past customers and clients. and call other agents.... talk about it every chance I get.. some-days when I walk into my office and I say good morning to everyone I say oh don't for get about my listing over here or over there.. I got to remember I am sales professional what do sales professionals do.? sell right..so I got to get out there and sell my product and my product is my listing..

There are a 1000 things we can do today to work hard, the great thing is that a little hard work never hurt any one... even me..



Tony & Darcy Cannon
Aubrey and Associates Realty - Layton, UT
The C Team

Anita, great reminder!  We do need to work harder and smarter!  Making sure that we price correctly at the outset is one great example.  Thanks again!

Mar 13, 2008 09:11 AM