Ok.. I need this.......

Real Estate Sales Representative with Prudential First Properties

But I think I got it yesterday when I went to a seminar that Tony DiCello was giving

it was called "Thriving in a Shifting Market" and one thing he was saying is about Mastermind groups, and to get your self in one.. well I thought hard of who would I like to have in a mastermind group and I wrote down your name.. on my work book... so..... Todd. and any one Else what do you say?? do you think we can start one right here.. ? I need accountability that is for sure.. and I would liked to share ideas with everyone about Thriving in a Shifting Market..

And Todd I need to get back into your take action group... that is for sure.. my business is doing good, I got 4 listings so far this year. and 1 sale and 2 pending.. so.. time to get going..