Home Inspections & Home Owner Insurance Policies

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During the purchase of your home, you will have an "Inspection Period," which is typically 10 days. However, your REALTOR and you can increase the amount of time if you decide it’s needed. This inspection period allows you to overview the home from the foundation to the roof and everything in between.

It even allows you to research the neighborhood and school districts. But one of the things that we remind our clients to do during this time period is to call for a home owner insurance quote from people like Sandy Ramos at Farmers Insurance Group, located at 913 West 16th Street Yuma, Az. phone number is 928-539-0581.

Keep in mind, if your home ownership policy is going to be included into the mortgage, this cost will then impact your monthly mortgage payment.

Here is something to consider when determining calling for a quote.  Offset the price of your premium for insurance by increasing your deductible. But know this, the lower the deductible the higher the premium, and the premium is what your cost is to have the home owners coverage on the house.

Let your lender what your coverage is, and your lender will ensure that you are adequately covered for the loan amount of your home.

Great information, and much more can be found by contacting Sandy Ramos at Farmers Insurance Group at 928-539-0581.

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