Time for Change in Buffalo!!!!!

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While it's Fall in Western New York, and that is a time for change. It's not the Change I'm speaking of. In the next few weeks, you'll be deluged with Bryon Brown ads, commenting on what he's accomplished. In these ads, you'll hear a lot about the status quo! How he's a beacon of hope, and he is striving towards bettering the future. What these campaign ads won't say is how test grades in the City of Buffalo have plummeted since he's been in office for 8 years. It also won't mention the police corruption he has turned a blind eye to, as well as the rise of violent crime in the City of Buffalo! In fact it also won't mention the problem with developing Buffalo's largest area of poverty, THE EAST SIDE!! The grassroots campaign of Sergio Rodriguez is trying to make a difference ALL OVER BUFFALO (http://www.sergioformayor.com/news/rodriguez_begins__day_every_neighborhood_tour_of_buffalo),not just in the areas that are clearly visible. The video above shows how he has been able to reach across party lines, to find voters of all types! Buffalo has become a beacon of hope, with Waterfront Development, the outer harbor, and the canal side area. All of these things are a direct response from programs that Congressman Brian Higgins(D) helped pave the way for. Sergio Rodriguez has consistently asked the mayor to debate him, but the incumbent would rather not, probably due to the fact he has nothing more to say (http://news.wbfo.org/post/block-club-meeting-draws-only-one-mayoral-candidate).

Come November residents of this city need a new Mayor with a voice for everyone not just someone who wants to advance their own political agenda!! Vote Sergio for Mayor!!!!

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