If you can work from anywhere, then why aren’t you here?

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Maybe you don’t want to deal with moving internationally.  Then consider St Croix!  Matt Bauer, president of BetterWorld 5 Location Beautiful Teagues BayTelecom in Reston, Virginia, did!  ”It’s part of the United States, so you don’t even need a passport to go  there – you just need a driver’s license,” he said. “It’s like moving to another state … And at 5 PM you walk out the front door and run off  the pier and jump into the Caribbean ocean.”

St. Croix also boasts another feature that will make it appealing to  anyone looking for a picturesque place to set up a new office. It wants  to become a hub for remote workers. Three of the Internet’s biggest cables connect here, so it’s sitting on a huge portion of the Internet.

Local authorities are currently putting in about $300 million  worth of new infrastructure to expand local connectivity to these  pipelines, thanks to U.S. stimulus grants and private business  investment. WiFi speeds from St. Croix will soon be very fast.

Self-employed travel writer Matt Kepnes runs the budget travel blog Nomadic Matt and is no stranger to telecommuting – he habitually works from all over the world. Kepnes told us that “Working remotely allows you complete freedom, which is great. I can do work  when and where I want. I don’t have to stick to any schedule. The  downside is that you’re by yourself a lot and you tend not to have a  reason to leave your apartment. Working remotely can be a solitary  experience.”

If you’d rather “commute” barefoot on the beach, you’ll want to make a plan to ask your boss to let you work from home. At that point, you can get busy recasting your workspace to be a boat deck, a beach chair, or some other private version of your own paradise.

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