Luxury Closets

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When it comes to luxury closets, you can go all out or you can construct the mini-version. Luxury does not necessarily mean square footage although I have seen some walk-in closets in luxury homes that are as big as some bedrooms in other houses!  But when it comes to closets, just about everybody would like to have one that is clean, spacious, and not cramped!

I lived in one house that had two tiny closets - each one about 5 feet in length. They must have had fewer clothes back in the 1940's!  On the other hand, I lived in another house that had a long narrow master closet in the attic on the way down the hall to the master bath. That one was fun!   I had a walk-in closet in my first condo long ago that had white wire clothing racks above the rails for the clothes. It was carpeted, had an overhead light and gave the illusion of luxury. It also made a great play house under the hanging clothes for my small daughter.

You can get some good ideas from luxury closets such as these that are pictured below.  Notice the compartmentalized nature of the space which is the biggest indicator of a luxury closet. There are usually narrower shelves for shoes and places to hang long dresses and coats, shorter spaces for trousers, and shelves or drawers for sweaters.  Often there is an island or a bench to make a space for getting ready each day.  We always joke when showing houses that if there are two master closets, one is usually smaller than the other and there is no mistaking which one is hers!



There's no need to be totally envious of these big closets and scoff at your smaller ones.  Look at the features of the closet pictured below - they are the same as the luxury closets.  This one is surely smaller but it has the feel of the bigger ones. Everything in its place... drawers, shelves and hanging spaces. When it comes time for Gosa Properties to sell your house, your closets need to look like this one:


In the meantime you can enjoy your organized, neat and spacious closets!  Give us a call and we will consult with you on specific things you can do to get your house ready to sell - or simply to enjoy your luxury closets more now!.

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