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Tips For Buying Your Pullman Washington Home

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Five Tips for Buying your Pullman Washington Home


1.  Begin your search on line.  You have probably already started that as you most likely found this article on line.  Looking on line does give you a feel for different styles available of homes in our area, and the prices you might need to expect given a certain neighborhood or the amenities.  As I work with a lot of clients who are relocating, it is a great place to start.


2.  Find an agent you are comfortable working with.  Interview several agents.  Don’t be shy here.  Does the agent return your calls promptly?  Are they knowledgeable about the market?  Are they a full time agent whose priority is finding you a home?  What kind of on-line marketing presence do they have?  You can learn a lot about agents by their  line marketing such as websites, blogs and facebook.  In fact, the majority of my clients come to me just that way.


3.  Pick out a few homes that you would like to see and talk to your agent about them.  Let them know what you do and don’t like about them.  Now granted, homes on line and homes in person can be very different indeed.  But just talking to you on the phone, I can begin to get a sense of what you are looking for.  And I might have a few suggestions of homes you might want to see.  


4.  Get Pre-Approved.  This really isn’t as painful as some people fear.  It only takes a few minutes and will give you an idea of what price point we need to zero in on.  It is also best for you once we actually find a home and write the offer.  An offer with a pre-approval letter takes on extra weight with the seller.


5.  On the day we go looking wear comfortable clothes and easy on and off shoes.  We might be asked to remove our shoes.